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Middle Grade Fiction
Jack + parents + new get-rich-quick scheme = Jack homesteading in the wilderness when he would rather be home studying for a math test.
A gentleman inventor whose inventions either go nowhere or wrong and a boy who is not an orphan but would like to be chase a giant tarantula of their own making while dodging accusations of witchcraft.
How many ways can a revenge plot go wrong? Quite a few ways.

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The Art of Risk

November 3, 2013

Tags: risk taking, childhood, the berenson schemes, jack the castaway

Check out my blog post for Lerner on The Art of Risk. I am convinced that the most ignored subject in homes and schools is the art of risk taking without becoming maimed, killed or otherwise scarred for life. Deciding which risks to take is the individual alchemy of growing up. What risks did you decide were worth taking?