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The Berenson Schemes Two – Jack and the Wild Life

"Mayhem, adventure and unexpected situations will leave readers wanting more from Jack." Kirkus Reviews

"This adventure-filled series fills a gap between shorter chapter books and longer middle grade fiction. School Library Journal

"Another funny adventure for Jack Berenson, facing off this time with the African savanna." Heidi Grange, GEO Librarian

"Well the wait is over. Book two of this adventure series, starring Jack Berenson and his dysfunctional parents, is lots of fun and a sure hit with middle grade school kids."Marilyn Panton, StoryWraps

"Jack proves a brave and resourceful boy, a mini-MacGuyver, capable of surviving the wild...This humorous adventure is sure to appeal to middle-grade readers." Infoqueen027, Amazon reviewer

"young readers will get to know some interesting facts about Africa, the Maasai, and wild animal habits...perfect for the reluctant reader who wants a fun, exciting, read."D. Fowler, Amazon Top Ten Reviewer

"You might want to grab the first one in this series too. Young readers will love them."Jo Ann Hakola, The Book Faerie

"Jack and the Wild Life is a wild ride, with zany illustrations by Ivica Stevanovic. Bring along your own Chips Ahoy, and hope you survive." Margaret Nevinski, Children's Book Author

The Berensons arrive in Kenya for their latest get-rich-quick scheme, building a Maasai warrior camp for tourists. Sadly, Jack is accidentally left stranded in the Masai Mara.

Jack homesteads on the African plains, surviving on Chips Ahoy cookies and instant coffee. He spends his days fighting off the local wildlife, attempting to home-school himself with his only text book (‘Seventh Grade in an Hour’) and working on a plan to get out of the Masai Mara alive.

Released September 1st, 2014

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